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Princeville at Hanalei is a 9,000 acre planned resort community on the north shore of Kauai that began in 1968. It is included in the Hanalei real estate district which has seen dramatic rises in property values in 2015.

Residential homes for sale in the Princeville area have seen a positive rebound in the last 5 years and a lot of smiles on property owners faces. Upgrades to the luxury hotels in the area and its proximity to Hanalei have all been factors in the 10 percent rise in residential properties compared to last year.

The population count in 2010 was 2158 with a median household income of almost $64,000. However, the numbers swell during the winter months when owners return to the island during the winter season.

Princeville is a popular destination area because of its zoning classification of Visitor Destination Area which legally permits short term rentals of 180 days or less. This coveted classification enables property owners to reap income in the burgeoning vacation rental industry.

Princeville was no different than most areas of Kauai following the arrival of European and American settlers. They saw an opportunity to supply America with agricultural products that could not be grown in temperate climes.

Early in the 1800’s Robert Wyllie purchased the land from King Kamehameha for $2600 believing the land was ideal for coffee production. However after a few years he realized that coffee cultivation was not suitable for the wet lowlands, preferring well drained mountainous soils.

Not to be deterred, Wyllie turned his efforts to sugarcane cultivation taking advantage of the shortage of sugar due to naval blockades during the Civil War. It was during this time that the area was formally called Princeville after a visit by Prince Albert Kamehameha in 1860.

Wyllie farmed until his death when he bequeathed the land to his nephew. With his nephew’s passing in 1866 the land was sold in 1867 to Elisha Hunt Allen.

Allen realized that the high rainfall in the Princeville areas was not suitable for sugar production. Sugar production requires dry months so that the plant can store sugar prior to harvest. Continual rainfall allows the plant to convert the sugar into energy for growth.

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Cattle Production In Kauai

He then turned the area into cattle ranching where the animals flourished on the rich pastureland.

Today Princeville is known for its high end hotels such as the St. Regis, Westin Ocean Resort Villas, and Hanalei Bay Resort.


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        Number of households 1,128
        Household Avg. Income 75,170
        Avg. year dwelling build 1982
        Avg. Property Tax
        Sale Count
        Population 2,841
        Population Density 368
        Median Age 51
        Average value of the dwelling in which household lives $889,743
        Avg. years a household has lived in dwelling. 14 years
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