Whats Up With All These Chickens On Kauai

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birds of kauai

Whats up with all these chickens on Kauai? A great question, and while we have residents who adore the scrawny, colorful creatures, there are quite a number of us who believe they look best alongside carrots and potatoes in a nice winter stew, and not in our parks, front lawns, and protected habitats. In an earlier post we highlighted endangered coastal birds … Read More

Starter Home In Escrow | February 2016

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kauai homes for sale

The challenge for many millennial home buyers in Hawaii is finding a quality built starter home. Inventories of entry level homes are critically low in Kauai. The result is that potential buyers must continue to rent further depleting their savings. Monies that could be better invested in a single family residence that, with luck, will appreciate over time. Thus, when … Read More

Poipu Home for Sale | Tips For A Quick Sale

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There is a universally accepted principle in retail sales, “there is a price for everything”. While true this is not about giving away your home for a quick sale. This is about understanding the market and creating a buzz about this great new Poipu home for sale that just came on the market. Let’s get real when selling your house, … Read More

Kauai Homes For Sale | In Escrow | February

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house for sale in kauai

February slipped quietly into Kauai bringing clear skies and gentle trade winds to the island. Probably due to a waning El Niño effect which typically brings clear crisp mornings and bright sunny days to our winter season. We all know that this weather enables Kauai homes for sale to present themselves majestically against verdant green landscapes. This is true for … Read More

The Supreme Court Rules on Realtor Open House Signs

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open house in poipu

The Court broadly held that sign regulations that depend on the particular content of the signs must be strictly scrutinized and could be enforced only if such content-based distinctions in regulation of signs are consistent with the ordinance carefully and narrowly serving an important government interest. Read more on the Supreme Court ruling on Reed v. Town of Gilbert