A Caring and Smart Real Estate Professional

We had very specific housing requirements for our family. So specific, in fact, we were told by several Realtors that what we wanted and needed was not available on Kauai, maybe Maui or Oahu but definitely not Kauai. Lee understood our needs she is a caring and smart real estate professional.

Lee showed us properties, but she also listened, asked us some hard questions and picked up the gauntlet to put together a plan for our housing that met our family’s needs and exceeded our expectations.

Her expertise in construction and design made it easy for us to find the right professionals with the skills and knowledge to overcome obstacles so we were able to make our Kauai dreams a reality and kept us within a reasonable budget.

Without her in depth knowledge of services and skills available and how to get things done on Kauai we would have never been able to accomplish our goals.

At first the real estate process can seem overwhelming. Even though we had been to Kauai many times as long term visitors, priorities change. The focus went from which beach or hiking trail shall we discover today to let’s learn about CZO’s (County Zoning Ordinances) when we made the decision to find a home and live here.

Lee is superwoman !

She got us connected with individuals of integrity and motivation that made our move possible with minimum anxiety and no crisis . Since she was up to date on the County of Kauai’s “Hot Buttons” we avoided some issues that would have cost us time and money.

Having a Realtor with Kauai experience and a working knowledge of how to get things done on Kauai made a difference in how quickly our family adjusted to our new home and were able to appreciate the beauty of Kauai.

For our time and money there is only one Realtor to use on Kauai and that is Lee Morey at Coldwell Banker Turtle Cove Realty.