Thumbs up ! For Turtle Cove Realty

I’m very happy with how selling of my home turned out. Thumbs up! for Turtle Cove Realty and their staff.

Lee’s knowledge of the Kauai real estate market and her helpful suggestions on addressing maintenance issues were invaluable. And that was important.

We have owned our home for 8 years and used it as a Poipu vacation rental when we were not on the island. Normal wear and tear needed to be taken care of before we put the home on the market. Lee knows what current buyers are looking for in a Poipu vacation rental, and we focussed on those areas to spruce up.
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We sold our home furnished which is unusual for the mainland but quite common here in the Poipu vacation rental market. I had so forgotten how much stuff we had accunmulated in 8 years. And honestly, at first I wanted to sell my furnishings online but Lee reasoned with me and she was correct.

We honestly looked at the furnishings and put a value on them as Lee suggested. Lee reasoned that if we sold the house unfurnished it would be on the market longer and not bring as much money. A great number of homes and Poipu condos for sale are sold furnished and it is almost expected by buyers.

And Lee was right. We sold the property at higher price that esily covered the cost of the furnishings that were used. I guesstimated that if the house sold 60 days faster it would easly have paid for the resale cost of the furnishings.

I was happy. The new buyer was pleased. They honored all of my vacation rental bookings and Lee got me a 15% commission on all the rentals that I had reserved. It was a win win transaction, which are always pleasant. Happy buyer and a happy seller.

Thumbs up! For Turtle Cove Realty and Lee Morey.